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The Best Power Wheels kids electric cars from Fisher Price are wonderful toys for children. There are coming in a few variations from real car miniature, Atv quad to derivative from popular movies. The full range is well designed with attractive and good looking features. Children literally loves those kids ride on cars.

Some designs like the Kawasaki KFX based on a quad ATV are tough and powerful with excellent tire grip that goes everywhere on the hard, the dirt, gravel and grass. Other design series based on real car imitation come with a lot of funny features like doors that open, FM radio, microphone and speaker and so on. Your child is going to make fun rides on those kids electric cars for sure.

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The electric motor comes with to type of battery. The 6 volt battery aimed for the toddler like 2 years old. It push the car at a reasonable speed of 2,5 mph. Not to fast so an adult can walk by, but no too slow for not boring the driver. It also have a push- button for easy stop and go. The 12 volt battery is more powerful. It still have the 2,5 mph speed but also a 5 mph and a reverse. There are 2 more interesting features securing the kids: a power lock brake system for safety and a speed lock at 2,5 mph for toddler beginners on the 12 volt models.

Some model needs assembly before being used. The required tools are coming with the purchase including a battery charger. It is recommended to put the battery on charge overnight for a full charge before the first ride.


The power wheels series are well built car toys. They offer a good balance between speed and security. Even the younger child will climb on and learn to drive and operate very fast. It is pleasant to watch to the kids in amazement, big smile in his face shouting and yelling in pleasure. Besides we all wanted something like that when we were kid ourselves.

This website has reviews of the best selling Power Wheels models. Best selling is a good indication of popular items that are convenient for the wallet and the kids.

You can find also on this website some Power Wheels models with a big number of reviews. That tells that the product is selling well and also reveals ruthlessly pro and cons.

No big deal, on the average is near 5 stars. But click the link to choose one of those best power wheels ride on toy.